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TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand

Apply for membership in TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand

Membership Requirements

We want to ensure that getting involved with Time Bank Aotearoa New Zealand (TBANZ) is as easy as possible. If you could please:-

  • Fill in the membership form and verify your email address by replying to the email sent to you
  • Email the details of two referees who can vouch for your good self to If you're already involved with another New Zealand Time Bank just let us know which one and we will contact them.
  • Start filling in your profile with a picture and something about yourself.

Assuming your referees  check out then your membership status will be approved and you can get started.

TBANZ is slightly different from the localised community Time Banks. In that it is envisaged that the majority of the members will already be involved in Time Banking (either as a Time Bank themselves, or be a member of a Time Bank), and therefore will have an understanding of how Time Banks work and how this Community Weaver Software works. However, if this is not the casedo get in touch with and we will ensure an orientation happens for you. Not local to Christchurch where the TBANZ office is? Don't worry as we can make alternative arrangements with a Time Bank in your area.  And if there isn't a Time Bank in your area we can use modern technology to undertake an orientation for you.