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TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand

Welcome to TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand

A TimeBank is a collection of people, institutions and organisations who recognise that by helping one another in a reciprocal manner a deeper sense of community is created. TimeBanking enhances the communities' various well beings, increases civic engagement, opens the community to new innovative ways of working and can even pave the way to creating new positions of paid employment. Work done is measured by the time taken rather than a dollar value. Everyone's work is regarded as equal.

December 2017 - We are well underway with our establishing of a national body for TimeBanking in New Zealand ie. TimeBank Aotearoa New Zealand (TBANZ). TBANZ will assist to strengthen the community sector by making resources, expertise, interconnections and support easily available to those initiating and developing TimeBanks throughout this country.  TBANZ is facilitating national inter-trading.

We think you probably have skills we need! Help us to continue to grow this national body by taking a look at our Requests. Earn time credits for your valued time. This is a work-in-progress and we truly do welcome and want your input. So please, if you have any ideas and input we would love to hear from you.